DKG Design - our team


Our culture encourages a free flow of ideas, where our diverse talents blend through collaborative efforts. We promote knowledge sharing and teamwork, while encouraging personal growth and experimentation.

Our staff consists of designers from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. This diversity enables us to explore the many creative possibilities of every project. We believe staff and clients benefit from the continuing education and skill development inspired by new perspectives.

DKG Design is dedicated to providing a fun, fast-paced environment where our team members will thrive. We want our staff to enjoy their jobs, love their work, and achieve a balance between a personal life and a professional life.

We work hard to maintain integrity in design and in our client and staff relations. We hire the best and brightest in the industry, and the quality of our people is reflected in the quality of our work. At DKG Design our team members are our most valuable resource.

If you are interested in joining our team of creative professionals, check out the career opportunities available at DKG Design.

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